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Personal Information

Name: William John Egerton Bannister
Date of Birth: 22 July 1967

Education and Academic Qualifications

Associate Diploma of Performing Arts in Media Performance
WA Academy of Performing Arts –1990
Bachelor of Arts (History) Curtin University - 1988
Tertiary Entrance Examination Aquinas College -1985

Professional Career

Full-time Oral History Researcher and Interviewer since 1996 including current ongoing work throughout Australia and England for:

*         The National Library of Australia 1998 – Currently Conducting interviews for Prominent Australians Catalogue.

1998-2002 & 2010/11 ‘Bringing Them Home’ project [stories from the Stolen Generation] culminating in the publication of the book and compact disc Many Voices - Reflections on experiences of indigenous child separation edited by Doreen Mellor and Anna Haebich - National Library of Australia 2002. See link.
2010/11 Forgotten Australians & Child Migrant Oral History Project .

2011-     Australian Generations Project in conjunction with Monash University, Latrobe University and the ABC. See link:

*            The National Film and Sound Archive – Conducting interviews with prominent entertainers and personalities in the Performing Arts.

*             Australian War Memorial Canberra – Conducting interviews with Australian returned service men of World War Two and world conflicts since 1945.

*             The Imperial War Museum London 2000 – 2010.  Collecting Australian stories of WWII from W.A. and  Victoria. See link:

*             The National Army Museum London Collecting British and Australian stories of WWII
*             State Library of WA. & J.S. Battye Library of W.A.  Numerous projects. see link: 

*             Monash University Victoria   Australian Generations Oral History Project – 2011 – present.

*             University of Western Australia Historical Society, Convocation, Anniversary of Centenary of UWA Oral History - 2010-14.

*            Worley Parsons - History Project 2010-11 – including video interviews, written documentation and transcripts



*           City of Belmont History of Belmont

*           City of Subiaco History of Subiaco

*           City of Nedlands History of Nedlands

*           City of South Perth History of South Perth and Perth Zoo Project -ongoing
*           City of Perth History of Perth City Project

*           City of Fremantle History of Fremantle
*           Shire of Peppermint Grove History of Cottesloe and Mosman Park
*           City of Gosnells History of Gosnells
*           History of the Jewish community in Perth WA 2005~07 JHSWA Lottery West Funded 

*           History of North Fremantle 2007 Lottery West Funded

*           John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library John Curtin Centre Project
*           Veterans Affairs Australia (following two successful grant applications to set up a        collection of interviews for the RSL Perth)
*           Perth Modern School oral history project (including interviews undertaken in England and Melbourne Australia)
*           St George’s College oral history project - History of a University College over a three year period including interviews and transcripts
*           Maltese Child Migrant oral history project - Christian Brothers Ex Residents Services (CBERS) Lottery West Funded
*           Department of Disability Services oral history project- Excerpts online click on ‘10th Anniversary Disability’
*           Shire of Perenjori oral history project - History of a wheat belt Shire in Western Australia 1997 & 2004 – including a bound volume of transcriptions and photographs.

Involvement in numerous self generated private interviewing contracts since 1997 including successful grant applications to Veterans Affairs in 1999 and 2000

*           Perth Independent Music Industry oral history project in association with the National Library of Australia 2007.


Audio to Digital Conversion and Restoration for Preservation - Shire of Peppermint Grove and City of South Perth and private contracts 2005 -

Involvement with the presentation of numerous Oral History Seminars including the presentation of papers at Oral History Conferences
*            National Oral History Conference held in Perth September 2003 - involvement with the Bringing Them Home Oral History Project N.L.A
*            British National Oral History Conference held in Bournemouth June 2004 - involvement with the Bringing Them Home Oral History Project N.L.A
*            IOHA Conference Sydney 2006 - involvement with the interviewing of ex-servicemen of World War II and other world conflicts.

*            South Perth Historical Society – Experiencing Oral History 2008 discussing the power of Oral History

*            National Oral History conference - Launceston Tasmania 2009 Experiences of interviewing for the City of South Perth – Oral History and the Perth Zoo.

*            University of Western Australia Historical Society - Experiencing Oral History 2010 discussing the power of Oral History

Interviews Contributing to Published Books
*           Many Voices Reflections on Experiences of Indigenous Child Separation, interviews were incorporated into the National Treasures from Australia’s Great Libraries Exhibition
*           City of Light   A History of Perth Since the 1950’s

*           History of Perth Modern School
*           Beaches, Bush and Riverbanks Memories of Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove & Mosman Park

*           Subiaco Markets – Where the Community Meets – [Video]

Other Related employment                         
*           Proof Reader/Researcher/Interviewer/Transcription/Production–Wright Prospecting Pty Ltd. 2009 - 2012

*           Voice Artist 1990 – present HISTORY WEB TOURS for WEBTIGO – Santa Monica California USA 2006 - see webtigo 

Other Related Experience

Photography & Video –  for numerous projects including South Perth Phillip Pendal Awards 2010/14, City of Belmont. 

*Perth Zoo 2010-11, *Young Australia League 2013 , * City of South Perth Buneroo Tour 2014

see Goggle Boy Productions

Nyoongar Tent Embassy

March on Parliament

Audio to Digital Conversion and Preservation - for Shire of Peppermint Grove, City of South Perth and private contracts.

Production / Presentation - Radio Stations RTR FM/6IX /990 Info Radio ,WEBTIGO


Musician 1986 to present - see



Kevin Bradley 

Curator of Oral History and Folklore – National Library of Australia

Ph. +61 02 6262 1636


Jo Roberts

State Library of Western Australia

Collection Liaison, Acquisition and Description

Ph. +61 (0) 9 427 3214


Ken Berryman

National Film & Sound Archive

Ph. +61 03 9685 5807


Richard McDonough

Imperial War Museum London

Sound Archive

Ph. 0011 44 [0]20 74165362


Howard Shawcross

Department of Industry and Resources - Project officer

Ph. +61 08 9222 3333


Christine Shervington

UWA Historical Society

Christine Shervington Consulting

Ph. +61 (0)408 096 662      


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