The Charisma Brothers have numerous residencies in the Perth metro area.

Up coming regular gigs include 


18 Glyde St Mosman Park Call 9284 7788 ask for the Back Bar [since 2003]


*Thursday Nov 2nd ~ Gallows Gallery Momsan Park 6pm Duo


*Sunday  ~  Nov 12th Swallow Bar Maylands 5pm Duo

Other upcoming gigs in 2017...

*Fridays      Tsunami Sushi Bar Mosman Park 8pm Duo



*Thursday         March 15th ~ Gallows Gallery Mosman Park 6pm Duo

*Sunday          April 1st ~ Swallow Bar Maylands 5pm Duo

*Tursday         April 5th ~ Gallows Gallery Mosman Park 6pm Duo

*Tursday         May 3rd ~ Gallows Gallery Mosman Park 6pm Duo

*Sunday          May 6th ~ Swallow Bar Maylands 5pm Duo

*Sunday          May 20th ~ Rodney's Bait &Tackle Mosman Park 6pm Trio




I saw you play at Tsunami last week and you guys were amazing. :)
can you tell me where you will be playing in the next month? :) 



Playin @ Tsunami Fridays Photo 'The Maestro'

Exceptional jazz at Tsunami last week. You guys rock, excuse the pun. Where else can I hear such jazz. Well done. 

Performing under the 'Stars' @ a Tsunami function photo 'The Maestro'

Hi JB, 

Thank you for making last night a pleasurable and pleasant evening for our members. Shai and yourself did a wonderful job. Cheers,



Blow'n @ X~Wray Photo Jim Kerr

We went to see the Charisma Bothers last night. At Ellington's jazz club. They had a good audience and I asked myself ‘How is it humanly possible for 4 individuals to come together as one and the cool is not multiplied by 4 but by a million?’ I dunno why but this cool jazz makes me want to smoke a zillion cigarettes and drink lotsa red wine. I no longer do either! 


Seen performing @ The East Fremantle Festival Dec 1st 2013/14... 

Sensational. You lot Rock the Block.. inspired me to get a camera out.. just wish I had one there on Sunday... More Please


I really enjoyed the Charisma Bros yesterday. Every Bro. played [and you sang] wonderfully and the sound was amazing... 




Friday 8 pm Tsunami Sushi Bar on Glyde street Mosman Park

Twelve years ago sitting on his balcony overlooking Tsunami John heard Brett Carboni 'The Maestro' playing his piano. JB thought 'that Tsunami would be a great venue to house a jazz band!' It wasn't long before they had created what has become one of Perth's best Piano Bar Restaurants. Some of Perth's best Jazz pianists have joined in to be a part of the fun at Tsunami over the years. Come and enjoy the atmosphere with John, 'The Maestro' and Peter Bull one of Perth's finest pianists on the baby grand performing some of the coolest Jazz in town. Be sure to book the back room at Tsunami if you want to catch them performing.  9284 7788

'Previously between 2010-15'

Sunday 4-6pm The Brothers performed @ the now closed but fondly remembered X~Wray Cafe Fremantle on Essex street

This residency was one of the best in town. X~Wray Cafe was one of Fremantle's most popular open Bar and Cafe Restaurants. Sunday afternoon @ X~Wray was the place to be to take in the bluesy Jazz of the Brothers. JB was there with Peter & Djamel Charisma and others Brothers including Fingers Ralph, Mr Bebop and Priam and Farrari Charisma. The Mojitos or Espressotinis - were something else. The place to wind down the weekend was @ X~Wray before or after a movie at the Luna Cinema just across the courtyard. R.I.P

 Apr 25, 2013
...enjoying lunch on Anzac Day. They had a two-man jazz band playing in the courtyard. Our favorite tapas: lamb kofta, Jamaican pork, poached fig with haloumi, the chorizo. The most memorable moment: at 3pm, the band stopped playing. The trumpet player got up and walked out the restaurant and across the road to Kings Square to play The Last Post. Whole restaurant went dead still and quiet. He returned to the restaurant with a round of applause...

Wednesday [TBC] 7pm Midnight Fox Marmion St Melville

The secret is out. Every fortnight the Charisma Brothers unite early at the Midnight Fox for a cool  mid week wind down from 7 pm. This must be one of the hippest, hidden, hangouts in the metro area. Be sure to pop in for a smokey set of speak eazy jazz n blues.


 'Playing' @ Nells Emporium                                                  Photo M McKelvie


'Blowin' @ THE ELLINGTON JAZZ CLUB 20th August 2013            Photo Elizabeth Martin

JB, Priam Bacich - Guitar & Djamel Ait Chikh on the skins. 

'Keeping it cool' since 2010 @ X~Wray [AKA Mojito Land] Every Sunday   Photo Neil Wallace     

 JB, Guy Charisma - drums, BeBop Charisma - bass, Ralph Charisma - keys.

In the House @ The East End Bar 2013                                             Photo  Alan McDonald

with Djamel and Priam Charisma.  

Lounging @ The Laneway Lounge JAN 2014                                   Photo Elizabeth Martin

with Djamel and Peter Charisma

Also see JB performing with SON MONTUNO [Son Tres] Cuban Band

Thanks to all the members of Son Tres for a fabulous evening of music.
You guys did a sterling job and it was terrific for me just to be in the audience and listening.
Under normal circumstances, following on from a group like Flamenco Puro would have be difficult for many groups, but not Son Tres. You kept the audience absolutely engaged and involved and that says something for the collective energy and quality of the band!

& possibly playing in French/Afro/Caribbean band MAMBO CHIC

or Les Charismatiques